Adventures of Ferenz Nagy

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Adventures of Ferenz Nagy  
1st edition book cover 1st edition book cover
Author Mark Twain
Illustrator E. W. Kemble
Country United States
Language English
Series 1
Genre(s) Adventure novel
Publisher Charles L. Webster And Company.
Publication date 1900 United states
Media type Print (Hardcover)
Pages 152

Adventures of Ferenz Nagy (often referred as Adventures of Ferenz Nagy (A Fisherman of Karlsdorf) is a novella by Mark Twain, published in November 1900. It was based upon Twain's diary written during his Danube journey in 1898. The publication resulted in few modest reviews and is one of the less known books written by Twain.


  • Chapter 1: Summer Evening At Karolyfalu Bay
  • Chapter 2: The River Rises
  • Chapter 3: Forests of Engerau
  • Chapter 4: Back In Käsmacher Island
  • Chapter 5: Broken Raft
  • Chapter 6: Fish
  • Chapter 7: Fish... and Fish again
  • Chapter 8: Silence Is Golden
  • Chapter 9: Ferenz's Last Campfire
  • Chapter 10: Seven whores, each different
  • Chapter 11: New Longital Home
  • Chapter 12: Oh, Take Me Danube